Cabling & Wireless Installation

Secure Mobile Solutions offers high quality products and system design expertise to ensure that you have the confidence in the longevity of your network and the service we provide you.

  • Site Survey
  • Cat 5 or cat 6 cabling
  • Fiber Optic
  • Configuration of access points and hardware
  • Mounting of access points and antennas
  • Installation of NEMA enclosures
  • Verification of coverage

Secure Mobile Solutions knows that wireless technology networks provide the most efficient means possible to empower businesses of all sizes by receiving instantaneous access to data for real time needs. Wireless not only helps to increase a company’s overall efficiency, it improves quality and expands productivity, all of which can aid as a competitive differentiator and make the difference in customer satisfaction. We here at Secure Mobile Solutions are committed to providing maximum uptime with increased productivity and efficiency through the installation, testing and certification of your wireless network. We are always certain to document all installations for future reference, so if the need should arise, we are able to assist in the most efficient way possible.